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LADY E FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization based in Columbia, Maryland, United States of America. It was founded in 2018 by its President and CEO, Esther Osakwe. We are dedicated to serving less privileged communities by providing essential support such as food, clothing, sanitary services, and educational assistance for children, youth, and the elderly.

Our organization is led by Lady E, an award winning gospel artist who leverages her platform to make a positive impact on the community, particularly by extending a helping hand to those in need.

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Lady E Foundation Summary

Management Summary

Lady E foundation is a corporation that was established in 2018. It is owned and managed by Lady E.

Marketing Strategy

As a gospel artist, Lady E has the opportunity to perform at many churches large and small.

Products and Services

Our services include caring for people in our community that are hurting and going without.

Market Analysis Summary

Lady E Foundation has become necessary for survival for many in the community especially in today's COVID-19 environment.

We help to raise valuable donations for various charities and causes.

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Lady E Foundation (Lady E)

We provide school supplies, medical and sanitary supplies as well as grooming kits for young adults. Lady E also sends care packages to outreach outlets in Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria. Lady E Foundation (Lady E) is a minority/woman owned nonprofit, in Columbia, Maryland, founded in 2018 by President and CEO, Esther Osakwe. We offer services to the less privileged community such as food, clothes, and after-school care for young children

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