Mission: to build self-sufficiency for the underprivileged Individuals in the world.

Vision: To bring out the full potential in the underprivileged.

About Lady E Foundation.

Lady E Foundation in Columbia, Maryland, was founded in 2018 by its President and CEO, Esther Osakwe. In March 2020 we obtained our 501c3. We offer goods and services to the underprivileged in our community.
We are a minority/woman owned nonprofit driven to giving back and help the needy by providing food, clothes, tutoring kids, and basic daily needs to help rebuild and encourage the less privileged to have a voice. Most of our goods are collected from churches, friends and neighbors on the Army base. We also provide our services to the of West African countries of Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria.

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We offer services to the less privileged community such as food, clothes, and after-school care for young children.